The best way to learn about someone is through story-telling. Read and marinate, and yes, the .com was taken.

A secret beneath the tux

It really began when the acne started back in '98. Clear skin foiled by a blemish. All because of lack of sleep? Too much stress? Who knows. Was a shame really. The light was really hitting my whatever at a fantastic angle or something. What's a young man to do? Live with it? Not at that judgemental age. MS Paint? No, that amazing thing was for logos. But behold, what's this with the stamp tool?

Cue the rock music. Add the heavy anticipatory breathing. Enter Photoshop. The version with no layer folders. The version that came with ImageReady. The version where Fireworks was still better. The version that made me pull my shirt open to reveal my newfound interest. I pointed to the skies and just like that, one tutorial led to another and faces were not only cleared, websites were made, sliced, and developed. The pimple of my passion had exploded and overflowed creative juices everywhere. I was made to design.


White Castles
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